Quick Copier fixes

It seems to go along with the territory. When you have a deadline and are overwhelmed you are relieved when you finally press print on your computer.  Then it happens, you hear the terrible sound of your printer jamming up! Why does this happen when you can least afford it? The good news is, many common copier malfunctions can be easily solved in a few minutes. With these quick copier fixes, you can go from frustrated to fantastic in a matter of minutes.

Some of these quick copier fixes are as simple as determining whether there is a paper jam somewhere in your printer. Sure, paper jams are a nuisance but they aren’t that hard to fix. When you find the paper jam, all you need to do is remove the offending paper slowly and gently. Never yank or tug at a paper jam.  If you pull too hard, you can damage the copier and make the paper jam even worse.

Another one of our quick copier fixes is troubleshooting when you are seeing uneven print quality on your documents. This is usually a function of the toner or ink cartridges and a quick check to see your toner and ink levels.

Once in a while, you may find some of your documents with streaks on the page. This is another of quick copier fixes-  just clean off your scanner glass with some glass cleaner and you should be good to go!

If none of these quick copier fixes help with your printer problems, it may be time to call your local technician.