Purchasing Pittsburgh Xerox Toners

It’s that time of the month. It is time to pay the bills. As you look over your copier bill for this month, it is 3x more than what it was for last month. What compelled this price change? You wonder why the same level of output as last month is costing you 3x more this month. What happened?

In most cases, it is the copier company or organization that is lacking a strict policy on copier procedures. For instance, your accountant may have found a good deal on a copier from a marketer or phone solicitation, but the toner is of substandard quality. How do you fix the problem?

One of the best things that you can do is make sure that only specific sections of your organization have the appropriate permissions to purchase the toner, accessories, or cartridges. For instance, the purchasing department can be in conjunction with the network administrators or IT department so that they can collaborate with one another to make appropriate purchasing decisions. Specific policies should be put into place, and everyone involved should follow the policy to the letter.

Only qualified vendors should be used. It is important to distinguish and identify the different vendors that you can work with. Sign the appropriate contracts so that your organization gets the high quality supplies on time every time.