Prints not Looking Correct?

Printer Not Printing What It Shows on Screen?

The most common frustration that we have seen with office technology related to unexpected results. One of the questions that we hear again and again relates to how a person’s printer is not printing what they saw on the screen. In most cases, the problem occurs because of how a file format is affecting the results. Designers run into this problem a lot because they have to deal with file formats regularly. Nevertheless, this problem can occur to almost everyone, so understanding the common file types can help you to fix issues that may arise.

The most common issue that people will run into with file format issues relates to images and graphics. If an image file format changes, one of the most common causes is because of the file size. If you have a larger file, the print quality will be higher. If you have set the goal to print a document or image, then you may want an EPS or TIFF format because they will retain the original information from the document. Finally, you should also understand that certain programs that you print from will affect the files. Normally, standardized office applications will produce consistent results.