Plotter Sales

Young business showing large format prints.

Pittsburgh Copier sales and service

Are you a company that utilizes plotters (wide format printers)?  Most Pittsburgh companies seem to have at least one plotter and it is one of the ways we set ourselves apart.  Not only can we take care of your copier needs in Pittsburgh, we can also service and sell Plotters.

Our main Plotter line is HP, however, if you have a specific requirement, we can generally utilize our resources to find you about any plotter on the market today.  Why should you consider working with UIS for your Plotter needs?

  • We have trained technicians who are experienced in plotter repair
  • We have knowledgeable sales staff who can help you pick out the right plotter for your company’s needs
  • We have the experience and staff to also deal with your copiers and toner cartridges as well as the IT services.
  • We will help your IT department make the right technology decisions

Call us today for Plotter repair, plotter service, Plotter ink or plotter sales!