Pittsburgh Copier Leasing

Pittsburgh copier companies offer customers a variety of services and products with one of the most common customer investments being a lease. Even though this is a common purchase, a lease is actually one of the most commonly misunderstood items. Many customers view a lease as a method to combine payments and costs into 1 individual payment each month, and while a lease does achieve that goal, it is not the intended purpose for such services.

In essence, a lease is a means for financing a larger ticket item. Leasing programs available from Pittsburgh copiers are also ways to pay less for a big ticket item compared to typical financing. The key difference is, though, that at the end of the lease term, you have to renew a lease with a new copier. Whereas, if you financed and purchased a copier, you could keep the machine for a few more years.

Choosing to lease is a good option when you want to utilize accounting reasons, such as making the item a capital expense. However, leasing is not “cheaper than buying the machine. Likewise, leasing actually offers fewer options compared to purchasing. For example, when you purchase a copier, you are given options such as paying for maintenance – options that could help you cut costs.

You can equate leasing a copier to that of purchasing versus leasing a car. At the end of the term, you may be able to renegotiate to extend the lease or you may have to simply go with a newer model. Leasing also requires specific terms, including that you utilize vendor maintenance, return the copier, and use brand specific products.

At the very least, though, a lease does create a natural “one payment system.” However, you should only definitively use this option for accounting purposes. A knowledgeable Pittsburgh copier rep can help you negotiate your terms and select the best option for you and your company.