Pay the Professional to Set-Up Your New Copier

Obviously no one wants to pay for an extra set-up fee after they have just bought an expensive copier, but from what we have seen it is almost always better to have it professionally installed. Of course it would be great if the IT guy could just stop on by and set-up the brand new copier, but this is almost always a decision that just leads to unnecessary complications early on in owning a copier. The guy from IT is probably a busy guy and he probably will have several different things he has to do just to perform his normal tasks and will not be able to give his fullest attention to setting up the new $7,000 copier. There is a considerable learning curve involved in setting up a new copier and it just seems unfair to ask that guy to do something he has probably only done a handful of times – if he’s ever done it at all.

A lot of times the set-up fee is included in the initial purchase cost of the copier. This is nice because then you won’t need to worry about finding someone else to pay to set-up your new machine, but just know that because it is included that doesn’t mean it’s free. Unfortunately nothing is free when buying a copier.

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