Pay for Professional Setup on Your Copier

Pay for Professional Setup or Make Sure It’s Included

Why should you pay for professional setup of your new Pittsburgh Copier? Because not all do-it-yourself projects turn out well!

Setting up an expensive new copier is exacting, and ensuring that it functions at its peak is important. When your Pittsburgh Copier technician sets up your new copier, he will make sure it’s level and that all packing materials have been removed. He will then ensure that it is working properly, and make any adjustments that might be needed.

Finally, he will take the time to show you all of your new Pittsburgh Copier’s many tools and functions. Since he’s already completely familiar with your copier and has set up, used and repaired similar copiers, you’ll benefit by eliminating much of the “learning curve” that accompanies new technology. Once your one-on-one training is complete, you’ll be ready to jump right in and start using your new copier.

If another copier company offers you “free setup” with a new copier, remember that nothing is free. In this case, “free” actually means “included” since the cost of the professional setup is built into the price of the copier.