Online Copier Deals in Pittsburgh?

Should You Buy Office Technology Online?

If you are looking to save money through a “discount” purchase online, we recommend thinking it through. While used or refurbished equipment can be an excellent cost-saving method for the right situation, relying on refurbished equipment without having a service contract could lead to disaster. If you will only need it for occasional printing, maybe eBay will make more sense. However, always check the reputation of the seller in advance.

The problem with buying online is who will service you? When you have bought from an online seller, it does not provide a great deal of incentive for local dealers to work on your copier, whereas if you bought from them directly, you will have support when your copier fails. You can have the best office technology, but it will only be as strong as the company that stands behind it. Even if an online dealer does offer support, you will have to send it in, and if the dealer is from out of state, this can take a longer time, and you will be charged for shipping. With a local dealership, you receive on-site support so that you do not have to pay for shipping.