New or Used?

Used copiers can often be less expensive than new copiers because their initial cost is less than that of a new copier, but this is only half of the story. Used copiers can turn into a real headache if you end up getting one that was not treated properly by the former owners. They will end up costing the new owner a ton of money in maintenance and repairs and will end up rendering the initial savings null and void. 

Buying a used copier is similar to buying a used car because if a used car has few miles on it but has been treated poorly – was not regularly maintained and taken care of properly – it will end up costing way too much money down the road. If you are not sure about who owned the copier before you did, it may be a much better idea to just pay the extra money upfront so that you can insure that your copier is well taken care of for the duration of its life.

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