Could a New Copier Increase Workplace Productivity

Your copier has jammed for the seventh time that day, which is getting frustrating considering that yesterday and the day before was much of the same. Considering that when you start a company, one of the biggest investments that you make will be for office equipment, you may want to consider making sure that it provides you with the key benefits and multiple uses needed. Some of the chief factors to look at for improving productivity include:

  • Usage
  • Digital or Analogue Copier
  • Wireless Network and Remote Printing Capabilities
  • Paperless Office

Usage often determines the type of copier that you will need based on the size of your office. What you do on a daily basis needs consideration, and a lot of copiers will come with faxing and copying capabilities that mean buying an all-in-one machine might be better for your productivity. When it comes to creating a more paperless office, a lot of companies like that they have green credentials. They can talk about this with their customers to improve their branding image. With some copiers, you have an advanced document filing system that lets you scan and extend the files and text. You can also sort your documents. Wireless networks and remote printing have also become popular, and there are many copiers that let you connect to a network based on an authentication process. That adds security while letting people work from remote locations.