What to Look for When Buying a Photocopier

When it comes to printing, you have a couple different things that could be important with copying. For example, you have the copy speed, which will tell you the speed of the device, and it will be expressed in the number of pages per minute. The copy volume also becomes important, and that has a relationship to the number of pages copied each month. A business with a higher copy volume will want a higher monthly duty cycle. Normally, a copier with a lower copy speed will have a higher durability, however, so if you do not need the speed, then you are better of with a copier of medium speed.

Network capability is another important factor. You spend a considerable amount of cash on your digital documents, and having them all networked means that you can print from the nearest available copier. You might also want to consider wireless because a wireless copier means that you will have fewer wires that look neater, and it reduces the risk of fire from having all the wires. With this in mind, your humble photocopier becomes powerful equipment that can print, scan, copy and fax.

What else should you search for? You also want to look for a copier that will meet up to your business requirements. Always consider the purpose because certain machines are more tailored to specific tasks, and they will hold up better, which means fewer repairs. Here at our copier company in Pittsburgh, we love working with customers so that they save money and receive the copier that they were looking for.