Leasing a Copier in Pittsburgh

Essentials to Understanding a Leasing Agreement

For a lot of people leasing a copier or office equipment becomes a once in a while type of project. It is a serious financial commitment over the long term because the contract will last from three to five years. What should you know about your copier lease that you may not already know? First, your lease is a contract, and you will be legally obligated to pay for the entirety of the contract. You cannot sign a five-year lease and change your mind two months later.

Second, never overbuy on the additional features when you do not need it. A lease is much easier to upgrade than it is to downgrade. When you overbuy, you will be overpaying, and you will exceed what is needed. Next, understand the averages. Whether you enter a lease with us or someone else, you should examine the average print volume. While all companies will have periods where they do more than normal, never make the mistake of basing your lease agreement on the highest period of copy volume, or you will pay more than necessary. Want to learn more about leasing? We can help!