Leasing a Copier in Pittsburgh

Buying and Leasing a Copier: Tips

When you start looking at copiers, you should overestimate your needs a little. There is nothing worse than purchasing a copier that cannot sustain the demands of your office. In addition, you must consider the potential for growth in your business. For example, 20,000 copies per month may meet your demands initially, but what if you start making more than 80,000 copies per month. After a few years, the growth of a company could be significant. If you believe that your company will grow greatly, then you should sign a lease because you can upgrade more easily.

Also, keep in mind that you might have to expand upon your copier budget for purchasing a second copier, even if you still have an active lease on the first one. However, if you choose to lease two copiers, avoid waiting until your first copier is experiencing a ton of service issues. If you wait, your first one could be burnt out and need replacement.

When you go to lease a copier, consider your future needs ahead of time. If you would like to learn more, contact our Pittsburgh copier business. We are an authorized dealer of Xeroxes, and we take pride in our unparalleled and unmatched services.