Lease or Buy

Many businesses have the same question.  Is it better investment to lease or buy a copier? Of course, there are pros and cons with both options so we thought we would share some considerations with you.  As always, we are here to help you with all of your copiers need, whether you lease or buy. 

Below are a few idea for you to consider before you lease or buy a copier.

Pros to leasing: 

Keep up with the competition!  Copiers can become obsolete quickly. With a lease, the cost of obsolescence falls on us, the lessor, rather than you, the business owner.
Regular Monthly fees: If you want to be successful in business, you need to budget. With a lease, you have a predictable monthly fee that you can count on.

Cons of leasing: 

Longer term commitment: you must pay the lease whether or not you end up using the copier.

Pros of buying:

Easy!  No extensive paperwork. No commitment or large amount of paperwork.  When you buy the copier, the transaction stops there.
Tax benefit: What business isn’t looking for write-offs? Always discuss with your accountant any tax concerns.

Cons of buying:

Cash Flow: Buying a copier is a big investment and can cost a pretty penny.
Obsolescence: As mentioned before, eventually your copier will be out of date.