Know What You Will Need Your Device to Do

Knowing more precisely what you will need your device to do will enable to save you money and help avoid inconveniences down the road. Knowing the answer to questions like the following will be very helpful when buying a new copier:

• Will you need to be able to scan or will copying be enough? 

• Does your company need to be able to print through a shared network?

• Would your company use barcode scanning so you could have jobs automatically routed?

• How much and how often would you use faxing? If it wouldn’t be that much, do you need it at all?

• Does your device need to be able to do color?

• What about a tabloid option?

• Will your office need Finishing or Stapling?

Being able to answer question like this upfront will help you avoid spending unnecessarily on accessories. Make sure to have your IT people give you the Subnet, Gateway, or IP they want you to use if you need to be able to have your device communicate is some other part of the country that is located outside of the Pittsburgh area. Call me at (412) 346-6288 for help with any of your copier needs.