Is Your Copier Set Up Included?

Pittsburgh Copier

When you’re shopping around for a new copier or printer for you business, make sure you ask your Pittsburgh copier sales associate whether professional set up is included in the price of the copier. Even if set up is not included, it’s worth the extra fee to make sure that your copier functions smoothly and is installed correctly. Highly complex multi-functional printers are a highly specialized piece of office equipments and require the touch of an experienced professional to get them working efficiently in their new home in your office.

Before you give in to the temptation to shave off a few dollars by just asking your IT guy to set up your new copier, think again. Just like you wouldn’t expect a bike mechanic to be able to fix your car, your IT guy may not be the best person to install a complex and specialized copier and will just end up wasting his time and resources, while a Pittsburgh copier professional can get the job done quickly and efficiently. In order to ensure that your copier is a great and functional fit for your office network, let the professionals handle it. Remember to ask your Pittsburgh copier professional if set up is included in the cost.