Is New or Used Better?

Used copiers are certainly much less expensive than new copiers at the beginning because the cost of the actual machine is cheaper but this does not always mean that the used copier will ultimately save you money for the life of the copier. Used copiers have been known to be mistreated by previous handlers and this leads to a lot of headaches down the road for people who are looking to save some money.

If you end up spending a bunch of money on repairs and unforeseen maintenance, this will more than likely leave the money you saved at the beginning null and void. On top of this you will have the hassle of getting the copier repaired and not having the copier to use at your convenience. If you are not certain that the used copier has been handled properly, it is often times a better idea to look to buy a new copier that won’t break the bank on the front end or over the course of owning the copier.

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