Improving Air Quality in the Office Helps Your Copier?

Almost every technician will tell you that dust is a prime culprit in the need for service calls. When the air quality is poor inside an office, dust will form more easily, which can affect your copier. Not only is improving the air quality good for your copier, it will also be good for you.

What can you do to improve the internal air quality?

First, hire a cleaner who will regularly vacuum, dust and mop the office. You will want them to dust under the phone, on your desk and with your desktop printers.

You can also improve air quality by reducing an over reliance on paper. As paper starts to degrade, it will begin to produce dust. That means that filing cabinets and magazine racks will become a hotbed for a lot of dust.

What else can you do to eliminate dust and improve the air quality at the office?

Consider buying an air purifier. This will catch the dust and improve the air quality. However, keep in mind that you will often have to clean this regularly to get the most from it.