How Old Copiers Can Cost You More

Can Your Old Copier Cost You More Than the New One?

When looking at a newer copier, you first must consider how old your first copier is. We have numerous features in today’s world that did not exist in the past. For example, does your current copier print only in black-and-white? To compound the problem, does it print at just 20 pages per minute? As a business owner, you may find that you could increase the efficiency of your business with a newer copier. You will experience less downtime, and you will pay less for repairs because they occur less often.

If you have a service contract about to renew for another 12 months, you cannot afford to wait too long. Especially if you will have to pay $1,750 for 35,000 black copies in the following 12 months. What an outrageous price! When you do the math, you will pay five cents for each black-and-white copy, which is extraordinarily expensive. Do not let a company take advantage of you like that. Our Pittsburgh business sells premier Xerox copiers, and we get acquainted with the priorities of your business before we make a suggestion. In some cases, it might make sense to hang onto your older copier, but if you have a similar situation to the one above, you would be better off with a new one.