Getting the Best Copy Quality from Your Copier

A copier should reproduce quality copies of your documents. Over time, some customers report that their copiers are producing copies with vertical lines. If your copier is experiencing this issue, troubleshooting can establish the reason for the problem.

Determine whether the line appears on all copies or only those made while using the feeder mechanism. If the line does not appear on copies made from the glass top, there is a simple solution. You can avoid a service call and save money by cleaning the glass top. Use a soft, clean cloth and glass cleaner to wipe the small pane of glass beneath the top cover. This should eliminate the line.

When the line appears on copies that you make from the glass top as well as the feeder tray, the problem may be due to the drum. This major repair requires the assistance of a qualified technician.

Regardless of the issue, contact our office if you are having a problem with your copier in Pittsburgh. We are ready to assist you with your copier needs.