Expand your Abilities with Paper Trays

If your business has expanded more than you thought it would then your current machine may not be living up to your expectations. It’s usually not a matter of needing more technology, but a matter of needing more capacity. Growth is a good thing, but sometimes your office machine needs to grow alongside your needs.

Adding paper trays can greatly reduce the time you take replacing paper. If your business is growing then you may find yourself at the printer far more often than you previously did. This results in tons of wasted time during the day. Adding paper trays can help you in a number of ways

  • Expand your paper carrying capacities
  • Separate paper by colors, and weight
  • Organize paper by media sizes

Adding paper trays can greatly expand your abilities in the office. You will be able to more seamlessly switch between media types and printing jobs. This will let you do a variety of different jobs without having to worry about the printer being loaded up with the right paper.

You will also spend less time replacing paper. If you are replacing your paper more than once a day then you really need to consider getting additional paper trays. They will drastically reduce the time spent working with your printer.

Call us today at Pittsburgh Copier to get more paper trays for your printer. We carry the best Xerox products and can help get you exactly what you need.