How to Ensure Security for Office Copier Data

Ensuring the security of your company’s information assets is not just a luxury, it is a must. Without this security, your business is vulnerable to cyber criminals who would leave your company in ruins. Does that sound worth it? Today, we have sophisticated networks and multifunctional devices that handle faxing, copying, scanning and printing, but it makes a great deal of sense to safeguard the data of your company.

The modern copier has become a wealth of confidential data because every time you scan or copy something, it will be recorded on the hard drive. That means that health records, account numbers and social security numbers will all pose a risk. There is much opportunity for identity theft if the right measures are not taken. First, education can prevent the risks of a copier having its data stolen. You have to make sure that your employees are aware of the risk for data loss. Also, limit the amount of sensitive corporate data on your machine. Taking responsibility has become important to maintain the security at the office.

Another reason that you may want to upgrade your copier is because the more modern office equipment has advanced features for data security. Nevertheless, you still have to use them to reap the benefits. Be aware of these features in advance like disk erase or a newer document overwriting the previous one. Some copiers will even have built-in data encryption that lowers the risk of your data being stolen.