Electronic Document Management in Pittsburgh

Save Money with Electronic Filing on a Copier

Copiers are great for making paper versions of documents, but sometimes a digital version is sufficient enough. When choosing a copier in Pittsburgh, it’s important to consider the features that a copier has.Scanning and digitalization features make it easy to create digital files of copies for your company. One the digital files have been made, you can easily email and distribute to other employees and businesses as needed. Copiers can be set up to automatically determine where digital files are sent to. A company email can be made to access all of the files or they can be automatically set up on a folder within your own secure business network. The choice is easy to set and up to you completely.

Each time you go to use the copy machine, it will be easier to determine whether you want an actual paper copy or if a digital version will be sufficient enough. When choosing a Pittsburgh copier with a built-in scanner, you are saving money and space from purchasing extra hardware like a stand alone scanner. This change will also reflect in monthly electric bills and maintenance in the future.