Efficient MFP Copiers

Pittsburgh copier users would all agree that the most competent multifunction office machine is of little value if it is not intuitive to use and its features are not easily accessible to employees that have only minimal interest in technology.

Xerox and HP have been aware of this facet of the modern business world for quite some time. They have designed office machines that are capable of not only handling document reproduction in an efficient, cost-effective and user-friendly manner, but are actually capable of functioning as a document management center that can scan, email, organize documents and archive important information.

They are leaders in the movement that has seen the number of people physically present in an office shrink while those that work from remote locations has expanded. It is now possible for remotely located employees to upload the documents they produce to a document management center, store and print those documents, and efficiently distribute them to everyone who needs the information contained in them.

If your company is interested in remaining competitive in the evolving world of document technology, and you want to learn how Xerox and HP can advance that interest, contact Pittsburgh Copier today.