Document Management in Pittsburgh

Why Choose a Document Management System

While you see a lot of copier dealerships recommending a document management system, they never say why they recommend the change. However, here is why digitizing your paper documents will increase the efficiency at your company. First, paper will slow you down. If you have a paper document, you have a single document that can be lost or incorrectly filed. When that document is somewhere else, it could cost you more than you imagined. With a document management system, it works similar to Google. You type in a keyword or text and pull up the document that you are seeking. When a client calls you, how great would it be if you could pull up their information with the click of a mouse?

You should also choose a document management system because it saves on space. It costs around $25,000 to fill a filing cabinet, and an extra $2,500 to maintain it. While it will be lower if you rarely use the filing cabinet, that is a lot of money. Ultimately, a document management system supercharges how you do business. It makes everything more efficient in terms of cost and productivity.