Disposing of Your Old Copier

How to Dispose of Your Used Copier or Printer

While wheeling it to the nearest window may sound extraordinarily appealing, removal requires greater tact. Excitement describes the moment when you get a new HP or Xerox copier with all the modern features. No more paper jams or smudged prints.
However, the new copier begs the question, “What do you do with your old device?” You could sell it on Craigslist, but don’t make plans for a European vacation. Used copiers depreciate in value, so the best thing about selling that old hunk of junk is that you save money on carting it off.

Did you lease the copier? If you did, the leasing company often helps with returning it. However, be wary because the end of leases are full of pitfalls, and you want to seek wise counsel from a professional company such as our Pittsburgh establishment.

We can guide you seamlessly through the procedure and paperwork. If you owned the copier, you could also donate it to a non-profit organization. For example, technical training institutes that teach students how to work with small motors may become an acceptable form of donation, and it will give your company a wonderful tax break.