Copier Data Security in Pittsburgh

We live in an age where thousands of pages worth of documents can be transmitted to the other side of the globe in a matter of seconds. Realizing this is why countless businesses, yours in the Pittsburgh area likely included, create multiple redundant layers of security to prevent unauthorized access of data.

The problem is that you’re likely forgetting one seemingly unimportant detail in your security plan: your copier.

Inside most modern copiers, there is a hard drive. It’s used as an intermediary to store images of scanned documents for the convenience of those using the copier. It makes multiple prints especially easy.

The problem is that anyone with access to this hard drive could potentially pull information from it. That means your service technician could pull sensitive information like the social security numbers of employees and employer tax Ids of businesses from it. It also means that, without the proper precautions, anyone who purchases your copier after you’re done with it can drain the data from the hard drive.

What can you do about this potential security threat? The best thing is to have a Pittsburgh copier company install a security kit inside of your copier. This will ensure that the data is encrypted, which means that it will be borderline impossible for thieves to steal data from it.

Work with your local Pittsburgh copier supplier today to ensure that your copier doesn’t become a potential hazard for your business and anyone involved with it.