Common Copier Leasing Mistakes

Copier leases are not always the easiest things to figure out. They are boring to read and can be hard to understand. This is one of the reasons that getting a fair copier lease is so difficult for some people. There are a number of common copier leasing mistakes that most people make when signing a new contract. We want to help bring some of these mistakes to your attention so that your next copier lease is exactly how you want it.

  • Only buy what you need. Make sure that the model of copier is what is actually right for you. Don’t get distracted by any flashy that isn’t going to help your business. Stay within your budget and make sure your copier is the right investment for your business.
  • Look out for sneaky language. Make sure you understand what you are agreeing to. If you aren’t careful then you could end up signing up for additional services and features that you might have otherwise not wanted to pay for. Read through your lease and make sure you are only getting what you actually need.
  • Understand the end of your lease. So many people pay close attention to the beginning and middle of their leases that they never consider what happens when the lease needs to end. This is when many bad companies will put in something that will affect you only when your lease is ending. Noticing something like this early is a great way to protect yourself down the road.
  • Working with an untrustworthy company. Copier sales can be a grimy business. There are going to be salespeople that are only interested in taking as much money from you as possible. Take the time to make sure that you trust who you are working with and it will pay back in dividends.

There are so many mistakes that can happen when starting a new copier lease. Our great staff is here to help you with whatever problems that you may have. We can work together to get you a great lease that  you understand.