Can I use a Discontinued Copier?

You may be in the middle of your copier lease when you get a troubling phone call. Your copier rep tells you that your copier has been discontinued by the copier company and you should consider switching. This may be good advice, but there’s something they aren’t tell you.

When a copier company discontinues a copier they are required, by law, to keep all parts for that copier available for at least 5 years. That means that as long as your copier is within that 5 year time frame that you should be able to fix your copier relatively easily.

Many reps will tell you that it will become more difficult once its discontinued. They really just want you to upgrade to a new machine. It’s a good opportunity for them to try and make a sale when they can put fear in your heart.

Managing a discontinued copier is easy as long as the parts are still available. But your copier rep may truly be trying to help if you have a very old copier.

  • If you have three years left on your copier lease, and your rep told you that it was discontinued today, then you do not need to upgrade.
  • If your copier was discontinued 4 years ago, and you are only 9 months into your lease, then you should consider getting the upgrade.

Don’t be tricked by salespeople who are only trying to get your money. At Pittsburgh Copier we believe in telling you the truth about your copier to make your experience straightforward and painless.