The Most Basic Service Questions

Everyone has heard the phrase that there are no stupid questions. As much as that gets said, people still avoid asking essential but simple questions because they feel like they will be the first. At our company in Pittsburgh, we love these questions, and we encourage them because it confirms that no matter how fast technology evolves, people will still want to know what we know. The first most basic question that we have heard is how a person places a service call. To do that, you can either place a request online, or you can make a phone call. When you place an email, everyone on our team will receive the service email. However, if you did not purchase the equipment from the area, the best that we can do is to point you to Xerox’s website because you are dealing with a different agreement. Another one of the most basic and common questions that we have heard is how do you receive training and support. We love working with smaller businesses because everyone gets to know your name. To receive training on a smaller machine, we encourage that business owners get acquainted with their owner’s manual. With a larger copier, that can be tricky, but we offer a walk through on how to do it with the copiers we install. If you have any problems, we are always available to help you out.