Avoid Copier Toner Scams

There is a scam going around from a company that gives an invoice for wax for the Colorqube copier for more than $800. However, the wax in the real world would only cost $180 to $200. The scam occurs where the company calls your company and says they want to read a meter for your copier. You give them a meter read, and they reply, “What copier is that?” You then tell them the brand and model.

For the next part of the scam, they call in and tell you that they do not need a meter, but the cost of xyz toner is about to rise, and they will send some before this happens. The receptionist gives their approval to ship it, and the toner arrives.

When accounting gets the bill, they do not like what they see. Accounting has to decide if they should pay the bill and tell people not to order from phone solicitors again or to fight it. When you order from a reputable company, like us, your bill is certain. We do not give unwanted surprises to our customers. We hold their satisfaction at the pinnacle of our achievement. Our Pittsburgh company does not resort to dirty tricks to receive your business and is proud to earn the privilege of your business.