Automatic Rollover on your Copier Lease 

One of the upsides of being on a lease of any kind is that you know what you are getting yourself into. At least that’s how it is in theory. In reality there are many times when a lease can be confusing and you end up facing something that you did not expect. Not paying attention to automatic rollover on your copier lease is one of the most common mistakes people make on their copier leases.

Automatic rollover on your copier lease gives your leasing company the ability to continue your lease past the date that you thought you signed for. This basically means that you have to specifically cancel your lease before a certain time period in order to ensure that your lease ends on time. If you don’t do this correctly then you could end up with extra time on your lease.

The thing about automatic rollover is that it’s not a difficult thing to avoid.

  1. Check your lease for automatic rollover
  2. If you have it then find the date that you need to terminate your lease before
  3. Make that date on your calendar
  4. Write your letter to your leasing company before that date
  5. Double check with your leasing company to ensure that you completed everything you needed to

If you follow those steps then you should be fine. The problem is that many people either don’t know about automatic rollover or they forget about it before it’s too late.

Being stuck with extra months on your copier lease can really mess up your plans for the future. Make sure you mark this date on your calendar and don’t miss it.