11×17 Copiers and Printers

Are you trying to decide if 11×17 will work for you in Pittsburgh?

If you have been looking for and 11×17 copier or printer in Pittsburgh you have probably realized that it’s an expensive feature. 11×17 alone can push the cost of a machine up a few thousand dollars. It’s a big decision.

Of course, the question is whether it’s even worth it at all. Some departments may use the feature, but others may only use standard size paper. What we have found is that 10% is a good rule of thumb. If you will be printing more than 10% of your copies on 11×17 then it will most likely pay off. If you are below 10% then you have to decide how close you are and how much the convenience is worth to you. This isn’t a guaranteed rule, but in general it works out.

If you have more questions, or you just want to talk to a professional to be sure that you’re not missing anything then please call.